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messa papa a manila con bambino

The monthly newsletter THE VOICE of the Orphan was born in the 1950s needed by the Rogationists Fathers and Devotees of St. Anthony to open a channel of communication with our supporters and benefactors. The Voice knows no barriers like us, it reaches everywhere there is a noble soul, a generous heart, a family sensitive to the cry of an orphan or of the poor one.

This is the most significant title that could be chosen. Society often does not allow the poor to speak, it does not want them in the streets, it hides them when it can. Both solidarity and faith seek the poor instead, they see the divine imprint in them. The divine imprint that has been faded by injustice and the cruel game of fate, but has not been extinguished.

Our newsletter, rich with spiritual suggestions and the best devotional insights, opens a dialogue and it has formed a “family of devotees and benefactors”. Many people write to us and we welcome, with open arms, contributions from everyone to the benefit of others because we are faithful to God and committed to the gift.

For these reasons, many people ask to receive the Antonian newsletter and often they are recommending it to other families.