Our missionaries are present in many countries of the southern hemisphere including Papua New Guinea, India, Rwanda, Cameroon.

There is so much need for spiritual and material help to distant lands where we are presenting our missions; desolate places where families, especially children, are suffering from hunger, disease, abandonment and infinite misery.

In places where misery is high and the weak people suffer, we bring our help by putting into practice the teaching of St. Anthony which inspired Saint Hannibal Maria Di Francia, our founder. We offer food, support, education, care, warmth and hope for the future to the families living in hardship, in squalor and hunger, to the abandoned children, the sick and the excluded ones. We do this with love in the name of Jesus.


From the Antoniano of Padua, a bridge of sharing and solidarity for the children of Rwanda.

Rwanda is one of the most tormented and poor countries in Africa where thousands of children and young mothers live in misery and are victims of AIDS. Our missionaries have been present in the country since 1978. They perform good work to help the people, especially the weakest ones. Consider that in the capital, Kigali, thousands of children and young mothers live in the streets, in extreme poverty. It is a drama that requires to act urgently.

This is why we decided to create “THE HOUSE OF KIGALI”. It is a facility under construction where at least 70 children and women can receive help and support to have a new chance for life. They are welcomed, encouraged to return to school, protected against exploitation and exclusion and assisted in finding work.


The Rogationist presence in the Kitiwum Parish (Diocese of Kumbo), in the northwest of Cameroon is recent.

On July 1, 2014 the presence of the Congregation in the Diocese of Kumbo, the English-speaking part of the country, was inaugurated. Bishop Mons. George Nkuo welcomed the Rogationists and gave them the Kitiwum parish. We chose to promote and support the Kitiwum Project at the next Rogationist Mission Day on January 6, 2016 in order to fulfil the “Renovation of the primary schools of Kitiwum and Takui (Cameroon)”.


An impoverished place where the Missionaries give support to women and children in need.

Our Missionaries provide daily help and spiritual comfort in lands plagued by immense poverty. Among these is Sideia, in Papua New Guinea, a lost and remote island reachable only by boat and after hours of sailing. It is a place of unimaginable poverty. There are no schools there, nor hospitals: in short, it is lacking in everything.

The apostolate of our missionaries on the island began in 2003, with daily acts of aid and support addressed to men, women and children in need of help and hope in a very remote place. Over the years, the Mission has become a point of reference for the whole Sideia population.