The Institute

This is the Institute’s state today: an architectural complex among the most conspicuous of the city, at the service of the children and the poor.
With the same type of current activities, you can understand, kind Friend, our adaptation to modern demands of education and the most recent legislation of the Italian law, which aims at the educational House-Family model.
So today at the service of children:
Middle School: Referring to the 2000-2001 school year, it accommodated 187 pupils, divided into 9 classes. Most students stop at the cafeteria and attend after-school programs until late afternoon, are assisted with remedial classes and various additional activities. About 60 students are in difficult family conditions and are aided in the Institute with specific training courses.
High School: There are currently 136 students who have ordinary lessons in the morning and in the afternoon, supplementary support courses and cultural activities, games and sports. They have two computer rooms, a chemistry-physics scientific laboratory, and a media room. All students of all abilities and classes participate in the major liturgical celebrations of the year on several occasions, and give life to theatre events as well as compete in tournaments of various sports, including international football with youth teams from other European countries.
Thus the service of the Poor:
Shelter for homeless: In the total system we take care of a dozen people for a medium to long term period, helping them to enter the working world. The City contributes economically and with a team of social services for five of them.
“Popoli insieme” (Peoples together) Shelter: In collaboration with the Volunteer Association “Popoli insieme”, we provide 10-15 Romanians with a place to sleep.
“Unica Terra” (One Earth) Association: This association utilises a whole complex of the Institute for a listening and information service, Italian language courses for immigrants, extra-scholastic support, training courses for immigrant women.
FRIEND, you can now better understand our presence here in Padua. This opulent looking city is also a borderland, overlooking Eastern Europe, exposed to the waves of immigration that generate new forms of marginalisation among adults and glaring problems of neglect among minors.
SOLIDARITY WILL SAVE THEM: not that of others, but your own. Experience ensures that in the gesture of giving, you receive much more. Moreover, the poor and lonely children always need to be looked after.