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Help give hope to the children of Nalgonda
Friend, we must finish our conversation: at least a few words on the other poor in the world is a duty. Intentionally we have no boundaries, Christian charity cannot have them.
Never shall we say: “Closed for lack of seats.” In short: we are connected to the Rogationist mission stations in Latin America, Africa, India, the Philippines and communities operating in Poland, Albania and elsewhere in Europe. The Antonian Institute is affiliated with some of these missions.
This involves our participation in small and large accomplishments in those locations. Three directions of our solidarity are particularly relevant:
the Rogationist Educandato Nyanza (Rwanda) that houses several hundred orphans;
the missionary station of Aluva in Kerala State (India);
St. Anthony’s Boys Village in Silang (Philippines).
We have supported and we support children of Nyanza, a swarm of innocent people who suffered the tragic experience of ’94.
We participate in the “One hundred homes for 100 poor families in Aluva” project.
For over a decade we have maintained education for 20 pupils per year at the Boys Village of Silang.
Here, friend, you can follow some particular stories through the photos.

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